Past Projects

I have had the chance to work on a few projects in the past that have helped me develop my skills and my self.  These experiences have been great opportunities to grow and learn-not only about guns, but also about myself.  I'm grateful for all that God has placed in my life and want to take advantage of everything that he has given me.  I want to thank everyone who has contributed to who I am today.


Bite the Bullet, LLC

Bite the Bullet, LLC is an ammunition manufacturing company that is renown and respected for their quality and cost of ammunition.  I have been able to be a part of the team by writing multiple articles for their blog.  Through this opportunity, I learned about how companies load ammunition and more importantly the stress of purchasing good quality ammunition

Super User Training 1680-1.jpg

National rifle association: carry guard

The NRA Carry Guard program is designed to provide insurance and assurance for those who choose to conceal carry.  It provides adequate training and puts you in a proper mindset for before, during, and after a carry situation.  Being a part of the super user training for the NRA, I was able to give insight on my past experiences and training.  Not only so, I learned a lot about the mentality and responsibility behind carrying concealed.


Springfield armory: night of the saint

I was chosen as one of the six women chosen to fly out to Wyoming to be train by a ex-Navy Seal with the Springfield Saint.  In a competition against not only 5 other women but also myself, I learned that shooting requires a balance of skill set, the right mentality, preparedness, and athleticism.