Steff's 10 Commandments

I believe in reflection and adjustment in order to reach one's full potential.  Instead of completely trying to become a brand new person by doing a 180 turnaround for the new year, I urge everyone to look back at 2017 and think about some things that could be finely tuned.  For this reason, I reflected back on the 10 commandments that I made for myself.  Having these standards has set a reminder of a foundation that I constantly build for myself.  I encourage all my readers to do the same. Here are my own thoughts and reflections of my commandments.  I hope they inspire you to create your own.

  1. She shall not settle.
    At this stage in life, we have the resources and time to do what we want to do. Why should you settle for anything less than that? Go out and do what you have been wanting to do! With nothing holding you back, the worse thing that could happen is failure, which is just a lesson learned. You deserve the world. Don't settle. Reach for the stars. Now is the best time to take a risk and leave your options open.

  2. She shall know her self-worth, strengths, and weaknesses.
    After 20+ years of living, you should be able to know yourself, your strengths, and your boundaries. Emphasize your strengths, and work on your weaknesses.

  3. She shall not move without passion, purpose, or love.
    Every movement, every action, should be taken intentionally. Yes, time is on our hands, but we do not waste-nor should we take for granted-the time that has been given to us.

  4. She shall not covet her neighbor's man or things.
    Stop comparing yourself to what others have. All the Instagram pictures are a portrayal, an image. Don't sit there and try to live someone else's life. Make a life of your own. Build opportunities for yourself. Your timeline is not the same as someone else's, neither is your story, so don't compare.

  5. She shall not apologize for how she feels, what she thinks, or what she wants.
    Stand for something. We as human beings have the beautiful gift of being able to balance heart and brain. Don't suppress either. You were given intellect for a reason; you were given emotions for a reason. Don't apologize for how you feel, what you think, or what you desire. There's a reason for it all.

  6. She shall not chase something that isn't meant to be.
    If you feel like it's not for you, don't continue to entertain or go after it. You could be utilizing your time doing more useful and productive things.

  7. She shall learn to let go.
    Don't hold grudges. Why have hatred in your heart and on your mind, when you could be loving and enjoying what's around you. Learn to control your thoughts and let go of things and people who have hurt you in the past. They no longer have power over you. Let it go.

  8. She shall make time for herself and what she loves.
    Never stop doing what you love; always remember why you're doing things in the first place (See Commandment #3). There will come a time, when you will have to dedicate more time to other people-family, business, etc.-make it a habit now to establish some time for yourself, so that you will continue to do so in the future.

  9. She shall be grateful.
    You have been given too many blessings not to be grateful. Look at where you came from, look at how much you've grown, look at the amazing gifts that surround you. Don't ever settle, but never stop being grateful for what God has given to you.

  10. She shall be great.
    Like I said before, never settle. Always push for greatness. You are constantly growing and always push to be better. Push for growth. Push for more. You were made from and for greatness. So now, go out and do great; build greatness; be great.

So stop trying to completely change who you are.  Accept and enjoy who you are at this exact moment and make steps towards the person that you want to become.  Love yourself and love the process.  These are the 10 commandments that I have established for myself.  What are some commandments that you have? What are some codes that you live by? How are some ways that you celebrate the new year? Self-reflection and improvement are essential for growth.

Wishing everyone a wonderful and successful 2018,