How to Know You've Been Sucked into the 2A Life:

  1. 20%...okay, 45% of your posts are gun related.
  2. You own a Colion Noir shirt or hat (#ThePewPewLife), also, probably own something 5.11
  3. You've rearranged your entire budget to snatch up ALL the ammo from these upcoming holiday sales...or to buy the gun you keep oogling over.
  4. You follow AT LEAST 3 gun bunnies on Instagram (Don't deny it.)
  5. You've used one, or more...or all, of the following hashtags:
          #PewPew #2A #Guns #MolonLabe #Merica
  6. You find loose ammo everywhere.
  7. You've had multiple gun debates with your hippie friends.
  8. You've taken a date to the gun range.
  9. There's a gun within arms distance of you right now.
  10. You love freedom and America.